Arrow Education Pack for IBM

Learn more and spend less with the Arrow Education Pack.

The Arrow Education pack is designed to fit perfectly with your training needs.

Simplify the purchase and management of your technical IT training needs with the Arrow Education Pack and save up to 18% on training.

With customised solutions and flexible pricing options, the Arrow Education Pack can be used for all IBM public and private training courses, as well as most of the Arrow ECS training portfolio, including Blue Coat, Check Point, Citrix, Juniper, NetApp and VMware.

As well as the structured pricing below, we also offer Flexi-Packs to allow our customer to get exactly the value they require.

These Flexi-Packs are tiered as follows:

6,500 USD - 12,500 USD = 5% discount

12,500 USD - 32,000 USD = 8% discount

32,000 USD - 65,000 USD = 13% discount

65,000 USD - 120,000 USD = 15% discount

120,000 USD + = 18% discount


  • Reach your skill-building goals
  • Manage your annual training budget and lock in savings for the next 12 months
  • One account can train multiple people across your organisation
  • Privileged financial conditions with a high level of flexibility
  • Save on public or on-site classes, as well as instructor-led online (ILO) classes
  • Use your Education Pack for 12 months from the date of activation
Turkey (TR)
Value Discount Price
6500 USD 5 % 6175 USD
12500 USD 8 % 11500 USD
32000 USD 13 % 27840 USD
65000 USD 15 % 55250 USD
120000 USD 18 % 98400 USD
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