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Maximo 7.6 Reporting Capabilities and KPI's


Length: 8.0 Hours
Course code: W0119G
Delivery method: Web-Based Training
Price: 15000 INR


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This video course is presented by Pam Denny and consists of 39 videos discussing the various reporting capabilities of Maximo 76. The course covers Ad-Hoc Reporting, Key Performance Indicators, and Cognos Reporting. These videos are freely downloadable from Developer Works and YouTube. Use this course to track your learning process, collaborate with others using the course forum. NOTE: There is no instructor moderation in this course.


IT Service, Sales, Support


Maximo 7.6 vm with BIRT and Cognos installed


"Maximo 7.6 - Report Options and Comparisons Maximo 7.6 - Ad Hoc Reporting Features Maximo 7.6 - Ad Hoc Reporting Features- Six part functional series Maximo 7.6 - Key Process Indicators Maximo 7.6 - BIRT Reporting Maximo 7.6 - Cognos BI Reporting Maximo 7.6 - Cognos Meta Data BI Packs (Maximo 7.6 Cognos Content) Maximo 7.6- Creating Cognos Reports and Workspaces (Dashboards) "


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