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IBM Interact 9.1.x Advanced Topics


Length: 2.0 Days
Course code: 9U30G
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Instructor Led Online

Price: 1290 EUR
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This course explores a wide variety of topics about IBM Interact. Emphasis is on the functional and technical architecture of Interact, features of the Interact API, configuration options, troubleshooting, and other implementation options.



This course is appropriate for individuals who have a fundamental understanding of IBM Interact and wish to expand their knowledge. The material has relevance to marketing analysts, marketing managers, application administrators, and system administrators.



Before taking this course, participants should have taken the course titled Building Interactive Campaigns 9.1.x or have equivalent knowledge.



Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe use cases for IBM Interact and the required components
  • Identify the key components of the IBM Interact architecture
  • Identify the required IBM Interact data sources and describe how they are used
  • Demonstrate how the IBM Interact API works
  • List what a developer needs to know about designing interactions with IBM Interact
  • Understand the request-and-response approach of the IBM Interact API
  • Understand and use the NameValuePair construct
  • Define the uses for the Interact API methods including startSession, getOffers, postEvent, and executeBatch
  • Understand the logging options for IBM Interact
  • Understand how JMX Monitoring can be used with IBM Interact
  • Understand how to configure server groups
  • Describe some causes and remedies for performance issues
  • Understand how IBM Interact determines which offers are presented
  • Use table-driven features to affect offer serving
  • Describe the options for Learning in IBM Interact
  • Understand what the EXTERNALCALLOUT macro is and how to configure it
  • Understand how JavaScript can be used to communicate with IBM Interact
  • Describe how the Cross-Session response handling feature works


The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Course Overview
  • Interact Overview
  • Architecture and Data Sources
  • Configuration
  • IBM Interact API Overview
  • Using the Interact APIs
  • Designing Interactions
  • Offer Serving
  • Learning
  • Other Implementation Options
  • Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
  • Course Wrap-up