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IBM Tivoli Identity Manager 5.1 Differences and Migration


Length: 3.0 Days
Course code: TW241G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 2290 EUR
This training is available on request.
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Learn the differences between the new IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) version 5.1 product and version 4.6, including features introduced with both ITIM 5.0 and ITIM 5.1. The differences covered in this course are related primarily to the operations that are performed most often by administrators and users, including, but not limited to, creating services, creating provisioning policies, role hiearchies, group management and access entitlements. Additionally, new features, such as the self service console, a new auditor role and related reports, access entitlements, and migration from a previous version of ITIM will be covered.


This is an intermediate course for implementers, administrators and support personnel who are familiar with ITIM 4.6 and need to understand the difference introduced with the newer V5.0 and V5.1 products.


You should be familiar with:

  • WebSphere
  • DB2
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
  • IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
  • Linux system administration


  • Identify key new features in ITIM 5.0 and ITIM 5.1
  • Create and manage access entitlements
  • Request access using the self service console
  • Audit request activities
  • Perform a migration from ITIM 4.6 to ITIM 5.1


  • Unit 1 - Key New Features
  • Unit 2 - Identity Feeds and Role Management
  • Unit 3 - Adapters and Services
  • Unit 4 - Policies
  • Unit 5 - Workflow Enhancements
  • Unit 6 - Managing Groups and Access
  • Unit 7 - Self Service
  • Unit 8 - Auditing and Reporting
  • Unit 9 - Migration