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IBM SPSS Data Collection Telephone Interviewing - ILT


Length: 1.0 Day
Course code: 0M045G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 790 EUR
This training is available on request.
Please contact us by phone or email at :
+49 40 253346-10


This course teaches the Telephone interviewers to understand, interact and manage the Telephone interviewing environment.

NOTE: Attendees that participate in the 'IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting: (Survey Creation) Level I' will receive a FREE handout entitled 'IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting (Survey Creation) Level I - Script for Telephone' that will enable them to integrate key Telephone functionality into the survey design.


This basic course is for anyone responsible for conducting Telephone interviews with IBM SPSS Data Collection, as well as Supervisors that may need to understand and manage this interaction.


  • For onsite delivery, access to a IBM SPSS Data Collection Phone server and a fully functioning IBM SPSS Data Collection Telephone installation.


Please refer to course overview for description information.


  • Overview of the Interviewer Station used to conduct Telephone surveys
  • Making contact with a Participant
  • Conducting a Telephone survey and dealing with call outcomes
  • Actions and options available once a survey has been completed