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IBM SPSS Data Collection Administration Remote Supervisor - ILT


Length: 1.0 Day
Course code: 0M065G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 790 EUR
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This course covers how to manage and supervise a IBM SPSS Data Collection Remote Administration environment, where Interviewers use IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer on a disconnected workstation i.e. laptop, Tablet PC to collect and synchronize data back to the IBM SPSS Data Collection Server. NOTE: The course material assumes Interviewers are using either the Web or Phone player to conduct surveys AND NOT the Data Entry solution. The course takes the attendee through all aspects of the Remote Administration environment. This begins with configuring, testing and deploying the project to then assigning appropriate Interviewers. With the project established the attendees familiarize themselves with the IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer data collection tool. As the data collection process starts, attendees learn how to monitor the synchronization and view case data results and status. A key piece of learning involves how to troubleshoot and resolve Interviewer and synchronization issues. Finally, we close the project and cover data export options.


This advanced course is for

  • Supervisors/Administrators responsible for managing a remote administrated project in field.
  • IT Administrators that may need to support this deployment.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Please refer to course overview for description information.


  • How the Supervisor interacts with the Scriptwriter/Survey designer to ensure the project is configured correctly for Remote data collection
  • Understanding the secure web portal - known as Interviewer Server Administrator - that houses the project
  • Setting up a project, within Interviewer Server Administrator, for Remote Synchronization
  • Using the configuration wizard to create the synchronization console on the Interviewers workstation
  • Understanding how the IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer tool collects data and how the Interviewers interact with this
  • Monitoring the synchronization process
  • Using key activities within Interviewer Server Administrator to view project results and status
  • Troubleshooting issues that Interviewers might experience, as well as the synchronization process to the server
  • Closing out the project and making the data available
  • Support resources