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IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques 8.6


Length: 3.0 Days
Course code: 9T335G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 2290 EUR
This training is available on request.
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This course is for advanced users of IBM Unica Campaign. Class participants will learn how to build effective and high performing Campaign flowcharts, learn techniques for designing table catalogs, and use various utilities to become more productive with the product.

This course is one of five classes in the IBM Unica Campaign8 learning series. To complete your learning you should also attend the Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign , the IBM Unica Campaign Administration, the IBM Unica Campaign Architecture and Installation, and the IBM Unica Campaign Reports Installation and Administration classes.


This intermediate course is for Advanced users of IBM Unica Campaign.


You should complete:

  • Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign

For IBM Unica Partners:

  • This course is part 5 of 5 in the IBM Unica learning series. Partners should attend all five parts:
    • Part 1: Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign
    • Part 2: IBM Unica Campaign Administration
    • Part 3: IBM Unica Campaign Architecture and Installation
    • Part 4: IBM Unica Reports Installation and Administration
    • Part 5: IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques


  • Incorporate user variables, advanced expressions, and triggers in Campaign flowcharts
  • Build flexible and effective table catalogs
  • Understand the response tracking attribution methods of IBM Unica Campaign
  • Understand the way flowchart cells are managed by use of files and temp tables
  • Build high performing flowcharts


Course Overview and Campaign Basics

  • Introduction and Logistics
  • Overview of Course
  • Campaign and Flowchart basics

Flowchart Techniques

  • User Variables and Advanced Expressions
  • Custom Macros and Raw SQL
  • Derived Fields and Triggers
  • Extract Process and Global Suppressions

Structure, Objects, and Utilities

  • Performing Quality Assurance/QA on Flowcharts
  • Creating and Managing Table Catalogs
  • Unica Session Utility
  • System Tables and Audience Levels

In-Depth Response Tracking

  • Offers and Response Tracking Terminology
  • Configuring and Mapping and Action Table
  • Attributing Responses
  • Using the Extract Process to View Response Data
  • Best Practices

Performance Techniques and Best Practices

  • Flowchart Files and Cell Storage
  • Reading and Leveraging Log Files
  • In-DB Processing and Flowchart Optimization
  • Flowchart design for Performance
  • Table Mapping for Performance
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping