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IBM Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization for Representatives 8.8


Length: 0.5 Day
Course code: 9F13G
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Price: 790 EUR
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IBM® Tealeaf® cxReveal empowers customer service representatives (CSRs) to resolve customer issues quickly and with enhanced insight by leveraging the replay capability of IBM Tealeaf solutions.

In this class, CSRs learn how to locate and review a customer session, proactively resolve the issue, and leverage IBM Tealeaf extensive database of customer information for recovery purposes.

Managers who are responsible for managing CSRs and Tealeaf administrators responsible for configuring and maintaining IBM Tealeaf cxReveal for CSRs and CSR managers should take this course as a prerequisite to the "IBM Tealeaf 8.8 Customer Service Optimization for Managers" course.


This basic course is specifically designed for new Tealeaf users who will use Tealeaf cxReveal to resolve customer issues and investigate escalated issues, and the supervisors who manage these teams.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Describe the benefits of the IBM Tealeaf cxReveal tool to CSRs, Tier II Support, and company's customers
  • Determine the best methods to search for a customer session as well as appropriate situations to search and replay
  • View, identify, and validate an online customer issue
  • Notify supervisors and others who are responsible for customers' online experience or issues


  • IBM Tealeaf cxReveal
  • Find and Replay Customer Sessions
  • Review and Summary