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IBM Unica Campaign Administration 8.6


Length: 2.0 Days
Course code: 9T332G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 1490 EUR
This training is available on request.
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This course presents a comprehensive view of IBM Unica Campaign's administrative and management tasks, including topics on IBM Unica Campaign architecture, security, configuration, performance, and reports.

This course is one of five classes in the IBM Unica Campaign 8 learning series. To complete your learning, you should also attend the Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign 8, the IBM Unica Campaign 8 Architecture and Installation, the IBM Unica Reports Installation and Administration, and the IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques classes.


This intermediate course is for Marketing administrators who are responsible for management and administration of marketing campaigns.


You should have attended Introduction to Unica Campaign 8 or equivalent.


  • Configure components of the IBM Unica Marketing Platform, including dashboards, the Scheduler, and Target Cell Spreadsheets
  • Manage security for users and objects
  • Use a variety of techniques to monitor and improve the performance of an IBM Unica Campaign installation
  • Configure IBM Unica Campaign for data source access, set up audience levels, and create custom attributes
  • Define and describe the reporting architecture and supporting data structures, and be able to identify points of customization

For Unica Partners:

This course is part 2 of 5 in the Unica learning series.

Partners should attend all five parts.

  • Part 1: Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign 8
  • Part 2: IBM Unica Campaign 8 Administration
  • Part 3: IBM Unica Campaign 8 Architecture and Installation
  • Part 4: IBM Unica Reports Installation and Administration
  • Part 5: IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques


IBM Unica Marketing Platform Configuration

  • Centralized Configuration
  • IBM Unica Scheduler
  • Dashboard Administration
  • Target Cell Spreadsheets
  • Rebranding and User Interface Customization

IBM Unica Campaign Security

  • Security Overview
  • Security Examples
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Assigning Users to Groups
  • Security Policies
  • Creating Roles within Security Policies
  • Setting Permissions within Roles
  • Assigning Users and Groups to Security Roles
  • Assigning Security to Folders and Objects
  • Resolving Security Permissions
  • Operating System Security
  • Database Security

IBM Unica Campaign - Specific Configuration

  • User Tables and Table Mapping
  • Contact and Response History Tables for Additional Audiences
  • Custom Campaign Attributes
  • Custom Offer Attributes
  • Offer Templates
  • Channels, Initiatives, and Response Types
  • Logs
  • Server Configuration Settings


  • How IBM Unica Campaign Works - A Closer Look
  • Temp Tables
  • Flowchart Design for Performance
  • Table Mapping for Performance
  • Additional Performance Configuration Parameters
  • Using a Database Loader
  • In-Database Optimization
  • Server Administration and Operational Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting Performance

IBM Unica Reports

  • The Reporting Environment
  • Reporting Model and Package
  • IBM Unica Reports Documentation
  • Customizing Reports