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Administering IBM Business Monitor V7.5


Length: 2.0 Days
Course code: WB798G
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In this course, you will learn how to implement and administer IBM Business Monitor while also learning business process management (BPM) techniques and skills.

IBM Business Monitor is a business activity monitoring (BAM) product that supports BPM by measuring business performance, monitoring both InFlight and completed processes, and reporting on business transactions. Business organizations can use the information provided by IBM Business Monitor to identify business problems, correct exceptions, and improve processes and efficiency.

In this course, you will learn how to administer IBM Business Monitor so that it can be effectively used to generate real-time business views of enterprise data. The course begins with an overview of IBM Business Monitor, including its capabilities, architecture, and components. You then learn the fundamentals of installing IBM Business Monitor and various installation topologies. In subsequent units, you learn how to deploy monitor models in the runtime environment, configure table-based event delivery in a multiple-cell environment, and monitor events. You learn how to manage action services, debug the model, and build a business space dashboard. You will also learn how to manage multiple versions of a monitor model, including removing a specific version or all versions from the runtime environment. Finally, you will learn how to uninstall the monitor model and troubleshoot the environment.

The hands-on exercises in this course enable you to manage and administer the IBM Business Monitor environment. The exercises include the underlying database environment and the Monitor Development Toolkit, along with other products such as WebSphere Application Server and IBM Process Server. In the exercises, you will learn how to deploy the business application to IBM Process Server and deploy the monitoring model on IBM Business Monitor with remote Common Event Infrastructure (CEI). You will then build customized business space dashboards and analyze and troubleshoot process performance.

This course includes topics of interest to administrators of the IBM Business Monitor environment. Business analysts who want to learn how to design business measures using IBM Business Monitor should take the course Business Activity Monitoring with IBM Business Monitor V7.5 (WB799G).

For information about other related courses, visit the IBM Training website:


This intermediate course is designed for integration developers, IT specialists, and support engineers.


You should have:

  • a fundamental understanding of service-oriented architecture
  • and related WebSphere products, which can be gained either through experience or by successfully completing the following courses:
    • Getting Started with SOA (WS007G)
    • Using IBM WebSphere V7 Products for Business Process Management (WB771G or ZB771G) (no longer available)

To implement IBM Business Monitor in the field, a thorough understanding of WebSphere Application Server is required. WebSphere Application Server administration is covered in other courses, such as IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 Administration on Windows (WA370G).

For more information, see the WebSphere Education website at


  • Describe the architecture of IBM Business Monitor V7.5
  • Deploy the business measures model and the process model
  • Explain the process of installing IBM Business Monitor
  • Configure the Action Services Manager
  • Explain the concept of a business space
  • Configure various widgets in a business space
  • Start and stop the monitor model
  • Configure monitor model security
  • Create and administer multiple versions of a monitor model
  • Create and configure widgets in the business space dashboard
  • Remove business models from the runtime environment


  • Course introduction
  • IBM Business Monitor overview and architecture
  • Exercise: Exploring IBM Business Monitor
  • IBM Business Monitor installation and topologies
  • Monitoring events
  • Deploying a monitor model
  • Exercise: Deploying the monitor model and the application
  • Administering IBM Business Monitor and monitor models
  • Exercise: Administering IBM Business Monitor and monitor models
  • Managing business processes using IBM Business Monitor dashboards
  • Exercise: Building dashboards in IBM Business Monitor
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the IBM Business Monitor environment
  • Exercise: Maintaining and troubleshooting the IBM Business Monitor environment
  • Course summary