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Foundations Technologies for Cloud Service Delivery 7.2.2 (SPVC)


Length: 40.0 Hours
Course code: TOS28G
Delivery method: Self-paced Virtual Training
Price: 1650 EUR
This training is available on request.
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+49 40 253346-10


This course provides you with the prerequisite knowledge required to take the different Cloud based enablement offerings. It will cover the components, architecture, and features of TPAE, TivSAM, TPM, SRM, TUAM, and ITM as they are used in Tivoli's Cloud solutions. You will learn how to use the graphical user interfaces for these products to work with catalogs and offerings, run workflows, and monitor systems.

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This basic course is for operators, administrators, and implementers who need to become familiar with the core products used in Tivoli's Cloud solution.


You should be familiar with:

  • system administration techniques and concepts for Windows and UNIX environments
  • at least one modern scripting language


  • Define Cloud Computing
  • Describe IBM Cloud strategy and the software and hardware components that support it
  • Configure and customize Tivoli's process automation engine
  • Write workflows for Tivoli's process automation engine
  • Generate reports using Tivoli's process automation engine
  • Troubleshoot Tivoli's process automation engine
  • Manage service catalog offerings
  • Describe how IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager provides chargeback information for cloud computing resources
  • Monitor resources using IBM Tivoli Monitoring
  • Describe, configure, and manage Tivoli Provisioning Manager
  • Discover data center resources using Tivoli Provisioning Manager
  • Provision a virtual server using the TivSAM self-service GUI
  • Provision software using the TivSAM self-service GUI
  • List the key components of Migration Manager
  • Describe the Integration Framework architecture


  • Unit 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Unit 2: Cloud Self-service
  • Unit 3: IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager
  • Unit 4: IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager
  • Unit 5: Introduction to Tivoli's Process Automation Engine
  • Unit 6: Tivoli Process Automation Engine Security
  • Unit 7: Tivoli's Process Automation Engine User Management
  • Unit 8: Tivoli Process Automation Engine Record Processing
  • Unit 9: IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager Workflows
  • Unit 10: IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager
  • Unit 11: IBM Tivoli Monitoring
  • Unit 12: IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager
  • Unit 13: Reporting
  • Unit 14: Troubleshooting Tivoli's process automation engine
  • Unit 15: Integration Framework