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IBM ProtecTIER TS7650G Implementation Workshop


Length: 4.0 Days
Course code: SS920G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 3750 EUR
This training is available on request.
Please contact us by phone or email at :
+49 40 253346-10


The IBM System Storage TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway is a solution for disk-based data protection. It combines both virtual tape library technology and data deduplication based on IBM's patent pending HyperFactor technology. This workshop gives an introduction to tape virtualization and data deduplication with IBM ProtecTIER, and points out the value proposition of a ProtecTIER solution. In the hands-on part of the workshop, you learn how to cable and install a ProtecTIER dual node configuration from scratch, how to create a ProtecTIER repository, how to define virtual resources and how to attach it to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server. You perform backups of multiple generations of data to see the impact of data deduplication. This workshop also covers ProtecTIER Native Replication. In the Native Replication hands-on part, you learn how to implement and configure Native Replication and how to recover from a disaster. An introduction to the ProtecTIER Planner is also part of the class. The workshop is a solution training that enables you to implement a ProtecTIER solution autonomously.


This intermediate course is for IBM personnel and IBM Business Partners.


You should have:

  • Basic tape virtualization skills
  • Basic IBM Tivoli Storage Manager skills

An individual notebook is required.


  • Plan a ProtecTIER repository based on customer requirements
  • Implement a ProtecTIER solution at the customer site


  • Introduction to tape virtualization and data deduplication
  • TS7650G Gateway and TS7650 Appliance hardware overview
  • ProtecTIER overview
  • TS7650 ProtecTIER competitive landscape and positioning
  • Cabling a ProtecTIER dual node configuration (including hands-on)
  • Installing a ProtecTIER node from scratch (including hands-on)
  • Creating a ProtecTIER repository (including hands-on)
  • Configuring virtual resources in ProtecTIER (including hands-on)
  • IBM Tape Device Driver Overview (including hands-on)
  • Attaching ProtecTIER virtual resources to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (including hands-on)
  • Perform backups and test data deduplication with multiple generations of data (including hands-on)
  • Test IBM Tape Device Driver path failover (including hands-on)
  • Introduction to ProtecTIER Native Replication
  • ProtecTIER Native Replication Management (including hands-on)
  • ProtecTIER Native Replication, Disaster Recovery Operations (including hands-on)
  • Recovering a W2K3 based Tivoli Storage Manager server on the DR site (including hands-on)
  • ProtecTIER Performance Aspects, TS7650 and TS3000 System Console (TSSC)
  • Introduction to the ProtecTIER Planner (including hands-on)