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Developing COBOL with IBM Rational Developer for System z V8.0


Length: 2.0 Days
Course code: RN110G
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Instructor Led Online

Price: 1490 EUR
This training is available on request.
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+49 40 253346-10


This course introduces Rational Developer for System z to mainframe developers who wish to use workstation-based software to build COBOL applications. You learn how to edit, build, and debug remote COBOL applications using IBM Rational Developer for System z.


This basic course is for Mainframe COBOL developers who wish to use Rational Developer for System z to build COBOL applications.


You should have:

  • Prior experience working with z/OS, IBM OS/390, or IBM MVS systems
  • A sound understanding of the COBOL language and syntax
  • A basic understanding of job control language (JCL)
  • A basic knowledge of Customer Information Control System (CICS)


  • Create and manage z/OS connections
  • Create, navigate, and edit z/OS projects
  • Develop z/OS COBOL programs
  • Debug and troubleshoot COBOL programs using IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS
  • Build SQL queries and stored procedures for DB2
  • Develop BMS maps (for CICS)


  • Overview of IBM Rational Developer for System z
  • Connecting to a remote z/OS system from the workbench
  • Developing, building, and running COBOL programs
  • Debugging COBOL programs
  • Working with COBOL, DB2, and z/OS-based DB2 stored procedures
  • Using the IBM Fault Analyzer integration to find the root causes of application abends
  • Using the IBM File Manager integration to edit VSAM data