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Initiate Technical Boot Camp V10


Length: 5.0 Days
Course code: ZZ101G
Delivery method: Classroom
Price: 2890 EUR
This training is available on request.
Please contact us by phone or email at :
+49 40 253346-10


The Technical Boot Camp will prepare an implementation team member for the types of tasks that they would be expected to perform on their first project. The Boot Camp is not focused on the Marketing or End-User side of the IBM Initiate Master Data Service platform, but rather on the behind-the-scenes processes that take place in a typical implementation.


This course is for:

  • Implementation Team Members
  • Internal Initiate Technical Staff
  • Service Delivery Partners
  • Sales Consultants


Students should have reviewed the general product overview materials available on prior to class.


Your goal is to learn the independent steps that make up the implementation process. Many of the activities in the Technical Boot Camp have interdependencies and prerequisites. In the following pages, we will outline the general flow of the Technical Boot Camp and note the dependencies

  • Install and navigate Workbench
  • Learn to create an Initiate member model
  • Work with a data extract and CloverETL graphs
  • Design and build an algorithm
  • Perform an initial data load and bulk cross match
  • Analyze the quality of the data in your database
  • Perform threshold and bucketing analysis
  • Explore the weight generation
  • Test the configuration using a CloverETL graph
  • Configure LDAP
  • Configure IBM Initiate Inspector


Please refer to the Course Overview for description information.