IBM Education Pack

Terms and Conditions

IBM Education Pack Service (called Education Pack or Service can be used to book IBM public courses and IBM Training agreed private courses. It provides a discount up front depending on the level of Education Pack purchased. Certain courses may be excluded from this facility. You can determine which IBM Training offerings are eligible by contacting Arrow ECS Education training team at or on 0870 251 2370.

Value Discount Price
20000 AOA 5 % 19000 AOA
40000 AOA 8 % 36800 AOA
80000 AOA 13 % 69600 AOA
120000 AOA 15 % 102000 AOA
180000 AOA 18 % 147600 AOA

When you choose an IBM Education Pack we will issue an Education Pack number. To use your Education Pack, simply phone our enrolments team (Tel: 0870 251 2370) or go directly on our website, quote your Education Pack number and the training solution you require. Your Education Pack will be debited after attendance and we will debit your Education Pack and maintain a record of the remaining value in the account. The IBM Education Pack can be used by one or more individuals in your company. You must enrol in each individual course or conference before attending. All enrolments on courses are subject to availability. Each education offering acquired is subject to the Arrow ECS Education Agreement for Courses and Education Materials. It is your responsibility to check the amount of funds residual in your IBM Education Pack by contacting Arrow ECS Education Training Enrolments in your country at the telephone number shown above.

IBM Education Pack: Terms and Conditions (September 2012)

  • 1. UK IBM Education Packs can only be used by the owning Customer to purchase offerings announced and delivered in the UK.
  • 2. Arrow ECS Education accepts your order for an IBM Education Pack by sending you a confirmation document notifying you of your Education pack number, start date and end date. The start date for the IBM Education Pack is the date Arrow ECS Education receives your order and billing information. IBM Education Pack account funds are valid for 12 months from the start date and are non-refundable. Offerings funded by the Education Pack must be attended within 12 months from the start date.
  • 3. The 'Cancellation by you' clause in the Arrow ECS Education Agreement for Courses applies to Education Pack holders. Pack holders will be charged the full cost of the public class on which they have enrolled if they fail to cancel prior to the start-date, or cancel less than 10 full working days before the scheduled start-date.
  • 4. Where Arrow ECS Education cancels a course within 10 full working days prior to its scheduled start-date, a credit for the cost of the course will be made to the Education Pack. If Pack holders had not been enrolled, no compensation will be offered. Arrow ECS Education accepts no responsibility for travel or hotel accommodation charges or cancellation charges.
  • 5. If there is insufficient value left in the Education Pack to cover the full cost of the course, a further Pack needs to be purchased.
  • 6. The IBM Education Pack is valid for 12 months from the date stated on the invoice.
  • 7. IBM Education Pack holders must quote their Education Pack number at enrolment in order to prevent an invoice being sent for this training. All enrolments are subject to availability and Pack holders must enrol on each individual course prior to attending. Eligibility and availability of courses, can be checked by calling 0870 251 2370, referring to the “IBM catalogue available”, by e-mailing us at : or visiting our web site at :
  • 8. The IBM Education Pack Service is subject to these IBM Education Pack Terms and Conditions and the Arrow ECS Education Agreement for Courses and Education Materials including the Arrow ECS Education Customer Agreement or other equivalent agreement in effect between you and IBM. The Arrow ECS Education Agreement for Courses and Educational Materials can be found at : . You may request a copy by calling the following number; 0870 251 2370.
  • 9. IBM Education Pack fees are non-refundable.
  • 10. Arrow ECS Education reserves the right to decline your application.
  • 11. The laws of England govern this Agreement and both of us agree to submit all disputes relating to this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  • 12. The IBM Education Pack cannot be resold other than by an authorised IBM Business Partner.
  • 13. IBM Education Pack cannot be used for IBM non-educational services engagements.
  • 14. IBM Education Pack cannot be used to pay for offerings that have already been invoiced, or applied to previously taken courses.
  • 15. If you did not indicate your Education Pack account number at time of enrolment or your IBM Education Pack is not eligible for an offering then you will be invoiced the applicable charge.